Colorless Gardens – Sa’haar Baloch

Photo: Kamancher Baloch

Colorless Gardens

Written by: Sa’haar Baloch

How does it feel to live on a land of wars? When you walk in the burnt streets only blood, tortured dead bodies and broken houses you meet. Where every day a new dream is buried, a new family is wounded and a new darkness visit by. In the whisper-less streets every day a new tear falls and a new flower dries. How does it feel to have half of your nation locked up in the never opening torture cells?

Living or in the dark words if I say surviving in Balochistan is not a colorful thing. Treading in the colorless gardens; every flower stained by the darkness moves its dried leaves with the cruel wind just to show the world it still has hope left. The world that has forgotten them long ago who in its glowing cities cares not for the lightless huts that remain to wait for a candle to glow perhaps this has never happened. The civilized world that has time to deliver speeches and to write actionless regulations but has no time to look at the adorned dead bodies nor has time to listen to the cries of pain that comes from a few kilometers away. The land of martyrs full of colorless gardens reads the books of humanity one after the other and concludes that the word called Human Rights is only written to embellish the pages. The land where a salesman has arrived for putting the blood of the innocent people on sale. The salesman with the cannibal has sworn to crush the smiles and to blow the heads of the Baloch people with their handsome looking tankers reminiscing the actions of the Hitler.

The salesman and the cannibal have blindfolded the world with their so-called “Development Projects” that have only given birth to misery and tears. They are showering red colored rains to wipe the faces, language, culture, and existence of the Baloch nation. At the start of Gwadar development, the first good news given to the Baloch people was to leave their land and wealth emptying the area and its outskirts for the Mighty Chinese. Hundreds of families lost their houses along with their future while hundreds of them abducted and killed. If the world calls this as prosperity, then yes, the Baloch nation has prospered beyond the limit. These development projects have snatched the peace of Balochistan while injecting poison deep in the cells of the Baloch nation. This prosperity has resulted in taking the Baloch nation to the verge of poverty. Every single day this poverty along with the cannibal hunts the people of Balochistan. Pakistan and China in their greed are flowing the floods of injustice and cruelty all over Balochistan. These floods only bring to the rivers of Balochistan, its sons and daughters tortured dead bodies. The floods that indicate not monsoon but the season of the massacre.

The injured birds of Balochistan have knocked the doors of the “Human Savers” but they are too lost in the comforts of their warm beds. The United Nations along with the journalists watches the Baloch genocide in silence not uttering a word. The Baloch people have wept enough behind the mountains of Chaghi now the Baloch mothers no more shed a tear as they have realized that humanity has lost its preciousness. In this game of war whenever the Baloch has pulled the trigger, the sleeping beauties (News Channels) break their eternal sleep condemning and calling the Baloch guerillas as terrorists without having information of what is happening in Balochistan.

But amidst all the darkness and sorrow every sunset comes the sound of an AK-47 bullet giving the crystal-clear message that the mountains are still alive, and the story has not ended. The bullets that let the nation sleep peacefully to dream for freedom. The bullets that one day will go silent marking the freedom of Balochistan.

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