Balochistan: Dead body found, another person goes missing


A dead body has been found near Quetta, whereas, a person has gone missing from Gwadar.

According to details, dead body of a person has been found near Quetta on Sunday. The body was taken to hospital where he was identified as Rehmat Khan s/o Gulab Khan. It was not clear how he died.

In another case of enforced disappearances, a person has been taken away by Pakistani security forces from Niah Abad Town of Gwadar.

Details received by the Balochistan post suggest the man was detained and later moved to unknown location by Pakistani security forces in Gwadar, Balochistan.

The identity of the missing person has been ascertained as Mutalib Baloch s/o Abdullah.

According to a local, Pakistani forces have picked up several men in past few days from Gwadar town.

Pakistani forces also conducted raids in many other areas of Gwadar, but no arrests were made.