Baloch student goes missing from Punjab


A Baloch student studying in Punjab has been forcibly disappeared.

According to information received by The Balochistan Post, Yaseen Basham, a student of Islamia University Bhawalpur in Punjab has been abducted reportedly by personnel of Pakistani secret services.

Mr. Basham hails from Turbat in Balochistan and was in Punjab as a student.

Baloch Students Council Bhawalpur has confirmed the incident and have said that Yaseen was a student of Biochemistry and was abducted by unknown persons from University roundabout.

The Council added that Yaseen Basham is the second student of the Bhawalpur University, who has been disappeared.

The Council urged authorities to take notice of the issue and resurface the students immediately.

Earlier on 15 May 2019, Altaf Naseer Baloch, another student of Bhawalpur University was also forcibly disappeared.

According to campaign groups, the abductions of Baloch students and youth that are prevalent in Balochistan have now extended to Punjab and Sindh provinces too.