Gwadar: Mother and two teenage daughters taken away by Pakistani forces


A mother and her two teenage daughters were ‘abducted’ by personnel of Pakistani military in coastal town of Gwadar.

According to details received by The Balochistan Post, a woman named Ayesha Bibi and her two teenage daughters Mahtaab and Naela were arrested and taken to a military camp after Security forces raided their house in Gwadar early on Friday.

Ayesha Bibi’s husband was already arrested by Pakistani forces earlier this week. According to sources, the family was forced to migrate to Gwadar after their house was bulldozed by Pakistani forces in Hoshap.

A dramatic increase has been observed in forced abductions in Balochistan after a luxury hotel was targeted earlier this month in Gwadar.

The abduction of women from Gwadar has widely been condemned by Baloch political and human rights groups.