Extensive damage caused to PC Hotel Gwadar due to 24-hour long battle – Security Officials


4th floor completely destroyed, the whole building of the hotel badly damaged in battle: Security Officials

Pakistani security officials said on Monday that the 24-hour long battle against assailants in 5-star PC hotel Gwadar has caused extensive damage to the property.

4th floor was destroyed due to IED’s planted by the attackers, Security officials have said.

According to the details, the five-star luxury Pearl Continental hotel in Gwadar has been completely destroyed due to 24 hours of the battle between Baloch militants and Pakistan’s elite forces.

According to Dawn, the security officials have stated that the fourth floor of the hotel was destroyed due to the improvised explosive devices planted by the attackers.

The officials added that the ground floor and the other remaining three floors have been damaged due to the encounter between the security forces and the assailants.

The hotel was attacked by four heavily armed Baloch militants on 11th May in the afternoon, and it took Pakistan army more than 24 hours to clear the hotel.

Whereas, the responsibility of the attack was claimed by the Baloch Liberation Army, an insurgent group based in Balochistan.

The BLA claimed that their “self-sacrificing” fighters had killed several Chinese investors residing at the hotel and also damaged the port with rocket attacks.

Jeehand Baloch, the spokesperson for BLA, said that the fighters at the hotel were members of their Majeed Brigade and they had shot themselves at the end of the battle to end the mission.

However, Pakistani forces claim that no foreigners were killed at the hotel but 5 including 3 security guards and a commando of Naval forces had been killed, whereas, 2 Army captains, 2 Navy soldiers and 2 others hotel staff members were injured.