SRA pays tribute to GM Sayed on his death anniversary


SRA has paid rich tributes to late Sindhi leader Sain GM Sayed on his 24th death anniversary.

Sodho Sindhi, Spokesperson for Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army (SRA) a ‘pro-independence’ armed group of Sindh has paid tribute to a prominent Sindhi leader on his death anniversary.

Sodho Sindhi quoted GM Sayed’s saying “As i see the incoming hazards and the storms over Sindh, if you imagine same then you might not slumber”.

‘Being a guardian of sindhi nation; Sain GM said, sighted and indicated the black clouds of slavery and incoming hazards over the Motherland Sindh in his speeches and written forms and also showed the ways of coming out from that situation by his national thoughts. So we see today the same challenges and dangers hovering over Sindh’ Sodho Sindhi said.

He further added that today Sindh is under multi attacks of Punjabi Imperialist State of Pakistan by its army, intelligence agencies and all other state institutions. The national entity of Sindh is under threats because of China-Pakistan economic corridore(CPEC), resources exploitation, religious extremism and out sider settlers on one hand and facing a great `Human Tragedy´ in the shape of hundreds of `Sindhi Missing persons´, who were raising the voice for their political rights and resisting against the national slavery, on other hand.

‘So that for the exiting from this worst situation created by Pakistani state, we not only have to take the way and a strong stance on the national thought of Sain GM Sayed but we have to make national unity and consciousness to strike out the enemy from the borders of Sindh with our national power and bravery. We have to fight for the freedom of our Motherland and for our future generations’ he said.

Spokesperson said in his statement that Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army salutes Sain GM Sayed on his 24th death anniversary and vows to continue the resistance movement until the complete freedom of Sindhudesh.