It was April 21, 2015 – Mehlab A Nadeem


It was April 21, 2015

Written by: Mehlab A Nadeem

A death for a cause does not stop your breaths, but it rather makes your character unforgettable in the history.

The world will remember you and thus keeping you alive forever.

There are thousands of persons who died thousands of years ago but they are still alive, because of their great deeds. Today’s generation remembers them as their ideals.

One who chooses to die for his country, which is occupied and run by others… and a man who prefers to fight till his last bullet but doesn’t forget to reserve one bullet for himself, because he wants to bury the secrets with him.

Men who fight against the brutalities of a ruthless country…

A man who never cares about how he will die, but he is sure that his sacrifice will be remembered in human history.

This character is called a martyr, a “Shaheed”.

In Balochistan, I know about a thousand of martyrs whereas I have heard of thousands of others. But whoever they are, doesn’t matter; from where they belong to; they are the legends of Balochistan who fought till their last breath to protect their culture, tradition and their country against terrorist state Pakistan, which occupied Balochistan 71 years ago and till date its brutalities over Balochistan continue. These are getting worse with each coming day.

Baloch youth vow that their struggle for emancipation will continued till the withdrawal of Pakistan from Balochistan. And defeat is for sure the fate of Pakistan.

We Baloch always remember our martyrs on the day when they kissed their bullet, smiled and said, “never cry for us, just remember us and make us a reason for your smile.”

21st April 2015 is the day when my four uncles were martyred by Pakistan on their joint wedding night.

I remember that when the Pakistani army raided our house and took my uncles with them. My uncles knew that they were going to be killed, but still, they were smiling. They were answering every question of that ruthless army to their faces. I was just looking at them and thinking about how brave my uncles are.

I remember when they (Pakistani Army) started beating women and children, one of my maternal uncle Shaheed Ijaz shouted “hey! do not touch my family members, whatsoever you want to do, I am here in front of you. Kill me if you want, but do not dare to touch my mother or any other in my family.”

I will never forget these words, these words make me enlightened and I feel so proud of my uncles.

One of my paternal uncle, Shaheed Shahid Nadeem used to say that there are so many people in this world, all will die but the death which makes them alive, comes through embracing martyrdom. Only the luckiest persons can have it. When I miss my uncles, I just remember these words and begin to smile.

I feel so proud of my uncles, and think, I’m the luckiest to belong to a nation that has brave admirers who happily sacrifice their lives for its protection.

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