Baloch leader warns of ‘extreme measures’ against Pakistan


A renowned Baloch leader has warned of extreme and admonishing steps against Pakistan.

Baloch leader Basheer Zeb Baloch, who is also former chairman of Baloch Student Organisation, said in a Tweet on Monday that ‘to protect our women and children, it is high time the enemy is taught a lesson through extreme measures’.

Bashir Zeb’s statement comes at a time when locals allege that yesterday in Awaran at least eleven persons, majority of which are women and children, were taken away by Pakistani security forces and have not been heard of ever since.

Bashir Zeb is widely believed to be the successor of Baloch leader Aslam Baloch, who was killed in a suicide attack on 25th December 2018. Like his predecessor, Bashir Zeb Baloch has also adopted a very strict stance against China, which has invested billions of dollars in Balochistan in an economic corridor called China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Baloch politicians allege the corridor has geopolitical motives to further Chinese ‘expansionist designs’ in the region.