Geneva: Activists demand UN to take action against human rights violations in Pakistan


In a conference in Geneva on Wednesday 13th March intellectuals, political experts, Human Rights Activists and Journalists demand to United Nation (UN) to send Special Rapporteur to Pakistan for fact finding regarding Human Rights Violations in Pakistan.

A conference held in Geneva, hosted by Baloch Voice Association ( BVA),  a Paris based Human Rights Organization, where in Intellectuals, experts, Human Rights Activists and Journalists from USA, Germany, France, Netherlands, Canada demand UN to send Special Rapporteur for fact finding regarding gross human Rights violations against Baloch , Pushtun , Sindhi , Kashmiri and other minorities in Pakistan.

While talking in the conference regarding Human Rights Issues in Pakistan, Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor in the Peace and Security Studies Program (SSP) within Georgetown University’s Christine Fair stated “Pakistan has become a killing machine for Baloch, it will kill every Baloch in Balochistan to facilitate China.”

She added “For Chinese interests in Balochistan, Pakistan can do anything without any fear and shame”

Asking help of world community she added that “United Nation must act immediately and send a Special Rapporteur in Balochistan for fact finding about gross human Rights violation”

Host of the conference and President of BVA Munir Mengal said “If UN do not act now immediately then Baloch youth will be vanished from their motherland, it is time for UN to listen to the voices of innocent Baloch and act immediately”.

Naila Qaudri, Baloch professor and Human Rights Activist from Canada stated “Baloch being targeted on daily basis, their death bodies and mass graves are being found continuously“.

Qaudri added that “Silence of United Nation will be considered a partner in war crime with China and Pakistan, UN is voice of innocent unheard voices, we hope UN will play its role to save humanity in Pakistan”.

Chairman United Kashmir National Party ( UKPNP)  , Sardar Shukat Ali Kahsmir said that “we representatives of uphold voices doing our best and doing every efforts to informing the world including UN about wrong doings of Pakistan.  Now its their duties and responsibilities to come forward and play their roles in saving humanity”.

President of The Pashtun Tahafuz Movement( PTM ) Fazul ur Rehman said that “We have to change our method of struggle first we only come each three months after sit and talk about Human Right issues but in fact we have to be in touch with each other on daily basis and make a strong legal method to approach UN to act immediately and save lives of pushtun , Baloch , Kashmiris and Sindhis in Pakistan”

Senior Human Rights Activist Baseer Naveed from HongKong while expressing his views stated that “My organization sending urgent appeals on daily basis to concerned organizations and we are collecting and documenting their records and we do our best to knock the doors of concerned organizations on daily basis for saving humanity in the world”.