Military operation in Kech, 8 persons forcefully disappeared


Eight persons gone missing in a recently started military operation in Kech district of Balochistan.

According to details received by The Balochistan Post, Security forces have in recently launched raids and cordon in Balgatar Ferozi Dasht area of Kech district, security forces have arrested and moved eight persons to undisclosed locations.

The abductees have been identified as, Niaz s/o Bahar, Rajab s/o Mehrab, Zaman s/o Mohammed, Nazar s/o Ghafoor, Feroz s/o Umaithan, Waheed s/o Essa, Noor Khan s/o Fazal and Wahab s/o Mohammed Kareem.

Another incident of a woman’s abduction and release after torture was reported yesterday from the same region.

However, fewer Missing Persons were released, hundreds are still missing and many more are being abducted every new day across Balochistan.

It is pertinent to mention, abduction-styled-arrests are common in Balochistan during search operations by Pakistani forces, but detainees are not produced in front of the court and are detained at undisclosed locations.