BSO-Azad condemns the extrajudicial killing of Professor Arman Luni


Oppressed nations should struggle jointly against the state barbarism: BSO Azad

According to details received by The Balochistan Post, The Central Spokesperson for Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) has condemned the torture and extrajudicial killing of Pashtun Professor Arman Loni by the state and added that the Baloch, Sindhi, Pashtun, Muhajir, Gilgitti and other oppressed nations are the victims of similar Pakistani barbarism.

“The state is not only using its power to pressurize the political voice of the Pashtun nation, but also is involved in the Pashtun genocide for last 70 years. The state has converted the Pashtun land into a slaughterhouse and has promoted the religious extremism into the Pashtun land for distorting the thousands of years Pashtun history and civilization” said BSO spokesperson.

Today, the conscious Pashtun students and youth have adopted the peaceful way of protest for their national survival, but the state is making failed attempts to pressurize the conscious struggle of the Pashtun youth by its power. The history is evident that the imperialist powers have always faced defeat before the national struggles.

The Spokesperson said that the ‘Baloch’ has been facing enforced disappearances, mutilated bodies and targeted killing types of oppression and barbarism for the defence of its identity and motherland for the last 70 years, but as an oppressed nation Baloch has never accepted the state occupation.

“Before this, the state has ruthlessly killed the teachers of Baloch nation in the wake of their political struggle and voice raised for their national survival. Professor Saba Dashtyari, Zahid Askani, Professor Raziq Baloch, Master Baithullah, Ustad Rasool Jan and many others are the assassinated Baloch teachers”, he added.

The Spokesperson said that such incidents express the state savagery, wildness and barbarism. Pakistan is the killer of oppressed nations including the Baloch and Pashtun. All oppressed nations should adopt the collective struggle in order to get rid of this savage state.

The Spokesperson further stated that the United Nations should make its member state (Pakistan) accountable in the court of justice against the worst genocide of the oppressed nations and play its role for the protection of oppressed from the Pakistani barbarism.