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By Mirdoust Baloch
Once again people of Afghanistan are going to be handed to those militants who have blooded Afghanistan for more than a decade. The Trump administration which has decided to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan will hurt America and their allies once again as it happened in 2001 in the form of 9/11 and once again the people of Afghanistan will suffer by the hand of Taliban, as they have faced it already.
The Trump administration is trying to fulfil promises made by Trump during his election campaign but the US and their allies should not forget that the same force has been killing innocent Afghan people for last 17 years, during that period thousands of innocent Afghan people were killed by the Taliban militants.
In suicide attacks, homes were destroyed, people were mass-murdered and abducted in thousands of numbers by the militants, moreover, women have faced the worst brutalities by the hand of the Taliban. Letting Afghan to rule by such people would mean throwing innocent Afghan people in front of a barbaric, which would be considered as the failure of American forces.
When you look at the other side of the coin, it is clear that if America leaves Afghanistan, Pakistan along with its allies China and Russia will use Afghan soil against the USA, China has been very active in the Afghan issue for last few months and Pakistan has been backing the China and today I think it isn’t a secret more that Pakistani security agencies ISI have been using Taliban since their origin, the Taliban leaders have been protected by the Pakistani forces from the Afghan and NATO forces and thousands of Taliban militants have been trained by the Pakistani forces to conduct attacks in Afghanistan.
And now with the help of Pakistan, China has used the Taliban for the sake of their interests, if the USA leaves Afghanistan, a big concoction will be made by the USA enemies against the USA and their allies which will surely hurt America once again at a big level.
China alongside their partners have been working since a long time to control the area and formed military bases against USA and today by doing so-called peace talks USA itself giving chance to their enemies. The so-called CPEC of Pakistan and China has also one of their key keen-to-make their military bases in these areas to occupy the Middle East.
Thirdly, this is a clear thought that if Taliban rules Afghanistan, a humanitarian crisis will start surely, Taliban have never been sincere in the development of an Afghanistan the education of women and the rights of Hazara community in Afghanistan will surely be effected by the hands of Taliban militants. In the rule of Taliban there been a restrictions to the education of female in the time of taliban rule in Afghanistan after the Soviet invasion in 1996.
The rights of women will be affected too and other education process, the women in Afghanistan have a deep concern about their future nowadays when Taliban and USA are in talks. Today the women of Afghanistan have been working in the all aspects of life, they are also in the parliament and doing a very good and positive job for the building of their nation but when Taliban gets to rule then definitely they will be lost their freedom.
Lastly. The USA and their thinkers must know that they are doing a poor dialogue with the Taliban. There will surely have B plans against the USA and their partners in Afghanistan. And the overall region will face a new era of war by the hands of ISI backed Talibans, Pakistan has always been attempting to free the Afghan soil from USA and used it for their interests, Pakistan is not only supporting the Taliban but the Taliban has been always working under the ISI orders. Such acts will surely take the afghan soil to a bloody war. The rights of people will be crushed by the militants and the overall region will suffer by the hands of Taliban and ISI goons, still it has time for the USA to think about withdrawing from Afghanistan.
Disclaimer: The views expressed by the writer do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Balochistan Post.

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