Two brothers go missing from Khuzdar

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Two brothers have been abducted from Khuzdar district of Balochistan on Monday.

According to details received by The Balochistan Post, two brothers have been abducted by security forces during a search operation in Greshag town of Khuzdar district.

As per the locals, “Pakistani forces conducted a house to house search operation in Greshag town and arrested two brothers and moved them to an undisclosed location”.

The abductees have been identified as, Zabad Jan and Peer Jan s/o Jangyan.

It is pertinent to mention, abduction-styled-arrests are common in Balochistan during search operations by Pakistani forces, but detainees are not produced in front of the court and are detained at undisclosed locations.

Such arrested men are commonly called as Missing Persons, and rights campaigns have criticized Pakistan for such illegal practices in the past, but arrests have never stopped and a surge has been witnessed in the abductions this year.