FC outpost attacked in Surab, BLA claims responsibility

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Frontier Corp’s outpost was attacked last night in Gedar town of Surab district
According to the details received by the Balochistan Post, unknown armed men attacked an outpost established by Pakistan’s paramilitary forces, Frontier Corps, in the mountainous town of Gedar in Surab district.
Sources told TBP, the firing and explosions were heard till late night, and the gun battle continued for several minutes. Many casualties have also been reported as a result of the attack.
In a press release, Baloch Liberation Army, a pro-independence armed group, claimed the responsibility for the attack.
“We attacked the FC outpost in Gedar town at 8 pm last night. The outpost was surrounded and attacked from two sides, which killed and injured many personnel”, said Jeehand Baloch, a spokesperson for BLA.
“Pakistan is continuously violating the international laws of war by targeting the civilians and arbitrary arrests”, added Jeehad.
In the press release, the spokesperson also commented on the recent recovery of a dozen Baloch Missing Persons allegedly from the Pakistan army’s detention centres.
“Pakistan is trying to misguide civilized world, rights organizations and United Nations by releasing a few innocent Missing Persons, who were kept for years without any reasons for several years. However, Baloch nation’s mission has never been a struggle for the release of Missing Persons, but the attainment of an independent state; arrests and martyrdom are parts of such movements. Only an independent Balochistan can guarantee the basic rights and safety of our people”, further read the statement.