Balochistan: Ten unrecognizable dead bodies buried in Quetta


Ten decomposed beyond recognition dead bodies discovered from different areas of Balochistan and buried in Quetta city on Tuesday.

According to details received by The Balochistan Post, ten unidentified dead bodies discovered from different areas of Balochistan and for being decomposed beyond recognition they were buried in Quetta, capital city of Balochistan by Edhi volunteers.

Mutilated dead bodies of Baloch missing persons have been recovered in a similar fashion from different parts of Balochistan in past too. Human rights organisations blame that these recent bodies are linked to the ‘kill and dump’ policy of Pakistan army’s secret agencies.

Mama Qadeer, vice chairperson of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons(VBMP) an organization of families of missing persons, has said that 10 dead bodies buried in Quetta were of Baloch missing persons.

“These dead bodies have been found near army institutions and then have been buried without DNA analysis which indicates that these dead bodies are of missing persons who were abducted by Pakistani secret agencies and security forces. And this is not the first time that for such incidents, before this hundreds had been buried without any investigation and DNA tests in the same graveyard” said Mama Qadeer.

On this incident Baloch Students Organisation-Azad (BSO-A), a Student organisation striving for rights of Baloch people has expressed concerns.

“For hiding the heinous crimes of Pakistani state the dead bodies were buried without DNA analysis” said spokesperson for BSO-A.

Earlier their a mass grave containing dead bodies of at least 4 persons was unearthed on 18 July 2018. Families of missing persons had flocked to the site of the mass graves. However, the bodies were decomposed beyond recognition, therefore, nobody could ascertain the identity of deceased.

Later father of one of the missing persons Khair Bakhsh said that he was summoned to Panjgur FC camp and informed by an officer of Frontier Corps FC, Pakistani paramilitary forces, that one of the dead bodies from the mass grave was his son’s.

On January 25, 2014, three mass graves were found after a shepherd saw pieces of human bodies and bones in Tootak, Khuzdar. According to locals, a total of 169 bodies were later exhumed from the site. Campaign groups alleged that the bodies were those of Baloch missing persons abducted by Pakistani security forces.

Mass graves have also been found in Kuchlak, Dera Bugti and other parts of Balochistan.