The Missing Student Leaders-Ganjatoon Baloch


The Missing Student Leaders

Author: Ganjatoon Baloch

It’s a matter of great concern that three Cabinet members of Baloch Students Organisation(BSO) Zarif Rind, Changez Baloch and Aurangzaib Baloch had gone missing from the capital city Quetta, right after a protest which they carried out for the safe recovery of their missing friend, Jiyand Baloch.

Peaceful activism is considered a sin in Balochistan and we are getting the fruit of it in the shape of the abduction of our friends. Students who went missing two weeks ago belonged to Baloch students organization, which is a peaceful and democratic platform for educating youth and striving for their rights.

BSO believes in uniting the students, giving them knowledge, awareness, political consciousness and striving for their Academic and educational rights.

It’s really surprising that leaders of such an organization are detained without any charges on them, which is totally against the law and the constitution of this very country. Law of country guarantees freedom of speech, Rule of law, and civil rights, but we live under the shadow of fear, constantly thinking about who is next.

It’s the right of every citizen to live peacefully, freely and it is the duty of law enforcement agencies to protect and secure them. However, when it comes to Balochs, laws work very differently. Instead of protecting us, they abduct our students, women, children, teachers and have total impunity to do so.

What was the crime and sin of those students? Is being a Baloch a crime?

It’s a great threat for our nation that the cream of our society, talented and educated youth are detained in the torture cells. This will harm peaceful and democratic activism in Balochistan, which is already is suffering, and it will suffer more.

It’s a humble request to all progressive parties, unions and leaders to play their role in saving the missing student leaders and all Baloch Missing Persons.

This humanitarian crisis will lead Balochistan to the point of no return.