The Chosen Arrows-Zamur T Baloch


The Chosen Arrows

Written by: Zamur T Baloch

For the last many decades, Balochistan has been under the shadows of war, poverty, misery, and genocide. Today, hardly a place exists in Balochistan that the wars have spared, in other words, for years Balochistan has been standing on the verge of chaos. In these years thousands of Balochs have been lost, thousands of voices prisoned and thousands of dreams burnt. Disappointingly, the world did not even shed a single tear, not even in the name of sympathy. In these dark days, far in the hot and sweltering mountains, there is a glowing galaxy of brave and courageous guerilla fighters.

General Aslam Baloch and his companions; Commander Kareem Marri, Comrade Akhtar Baloch, Comrade Fareed Baloch, Comrade Sadiq Baloch, and Sardarho were one of the most daring and heroic guerilla fighters of this glowing galaxy. General Aslam Baloch has been affiliated with the Baloch freedom movement for last twenty-five years. As a young student, Aslam Baloch was disheartened with the government system of Balochistan. Injustices and hatred of the Punjabi establishment above all the unnecessary interruption of the Pakistani army in Baloch issues encouraged Aslam Baloch to grasp the fact that the Baloch nation could only gain its rights by opposing and rebelling the establishment of Pakistan.

At the same time, the brother of Aslam Baloch who was affiliated with BSO, who was like a teacher and a great inspiration for him. Aslam Baloch was not just a fighter but a great leader and visionary for the Baloch nation. General Aslam Baloch seemed such an enormous threat for Pakistan that she tried to silence him by carrying out several attacks on him. In one of these attacks General Aslam Baloch was severely injured but despite this, he stood his ground with thousands of Baloch freedom fighters.

Pakistan has always adopted a cold behaviour for treating Baloch people while throwing bullets and bombs on Balochistan. General Aslam Baloch and all other Baloch sons have acted as the armours of Balochistan, putting their chests in front of every bullet and bomb.

General Aslam Baloch had once said: “No matter how much violence Pakistan use against Baloch women and children, no matter to what extent it goes, they can because they have the power in their hands but they should also understand that we will never be weakened and we will not keep silence and their condemnable acts will not go unanswered as we also have this power in our hands.”

Unlike the coward Pakistani army who has always chosen the nights to dump the tortured dead bodies of Balochs and to crush the Baloch freedom movement, General Aslam Baloch and his comrades taught the Pakistani army and China a lesson in bright daylight. For lion hearted Aslam Baloch, no sacrifice seemed great for his motherland. In this regard, he even sacrificed his beloved son Martyr Rehan Baloch for the bright future of Baloch nation and Balochistan.

General Aslam Baloch and his comrades abolished the claim of the Pakistani Establishment that the Baloch guerillas are only limited to Balochistan. The increased cruelty of the Pakistani army and the eternal silence of the world towards the Baloch people forced Commander Aslam Baloch and guerilla fighters to conduct attacks on Baloch enemies outside Balochistan. For this purpose, policies such as suicide attacks and strong actions against Chinese Investments were brought into practice. Due to these policies, Martyr Rehan Baloch on 11 August 2018 carried out an attack on Chinese engineers at Dalbandin, Balochistan.

Later General Aslam Baloch gave a clear message to Pakistan and China on 23 November 2018 when the guerilla fighters of BLA attacked the Chinese embassy in Karachi. It is no exaggeration that the attacks conducted by Baloch guerillas under the commandment of General Aslam Baloch against the presence of China in Baloch land not just made Pakistan tremble at its core but also stricken the face of China with great force. Those so-called peace lovers who oppose these attacks should understand that if Pakistan in its greed can commit Baloch genocide and can loot the wealth of Baloch people then why Balochs cannot carry out such attacks for the defence of their motherland?

The enemies of Balochistan who are involved in Baloch genocide and are planning to wipe out the Balochs from their own homeland should bear this in mind that no power in the world can stop the Balochs from punishing and holding them accountable for their cruelties upon Balochs. Pakistan and China must not think that they have conquered and weakened the Baloch freedom struggle by martyring General Aslam Baloch and his comrades but instead, this would strengthen the Baloch movement to a level that neither Pakistan nor China can estimate.

One thing is for certain that no Baloch will stay calm and silent until the caravan has reached its destination. For years the Baloch nation has kept its freedom movement marching forwards and Like General Aslam Baloch every Baloch will sacrifice his everything and will opt every possible mean to keep the movement going. It is something that Pakistan along with China and the world cannot stop, no matter how powerful they are.