Students are abstained from using peaceful means of struggle – BSO


Baloch Students Organization (BSO) has opposed every kind of violence and believes in peaceful struggle under the constitution, Junior Vice Chairperson BSO, Sadia Baloch

According to the details, BSO held a press conference today at Quetta Press Club and raised serious concerns over the abduction of their Chairman and senior office bearers.

“A few days ago, after the council session, our chairman and other cabinet members held a press conference in this very press club, and made it clear to that BSO wanted to clean student politics of all kind of biases and would struggle for student rights under the constitution and by peaceful means”, said BSO leader during the Press conference.

BSO leader told media that their chairman Zareef Baloch, information secretary Aurangzaib Baloch and central secretary Changez Baloch were abducted yesterday by heavily armed men in two vehicles from Jinnah road Quetta, when they were returning from a protest-rally which was carried out for another missing cabinet member, Jiand Baloch, of their Organization.

“Abduction of peaceful students is a clear violation of the very constitution this country is based on, and with such tactics, all they will gain is push students towards violence. We consider this act a scheme against peaceful struggle, and we appeal to student organizations, political parties, media and rights organizations to help us in the struggle for the safe release of our comrades”, BSO leader said.