BLA posthumously awards title of “General” to Commander Aslam Baloch

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Baloch Liberation Army has posthumously awarded organisation’s highest title “General” for its top commander Aslam Baloch, who was killed on 25th December in, what BLA termed, “an attack by enemies”.

In a statement released early on Saturday, Baloch Liberation Army’s official spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch said that BLA’s Senior Command Council and Operational Core Committee held its joint meeting to monitor the situation after ‘martyrdom of one of organisation’s founding leaders and member of Senior Command Council, Aslam Baloch, and other members of the organisation’.

Jeeyand Baloch said that various important decisions were taken during this meeting to rule out any impact on organisations operational activities.

The statement added that martyrdom of Aslam Baloch and other important members of organisation including Commander Kareem Marri alias Raheem, Taaj Mohammad Marri alias Sardaro, Akhtar Baloch alias Rustum, Sangat Amanullah alias Sadiq Baloch and Babar Majeed alias Fareed Baloch is a great loss for the organisation, however, due to strong organisational and leadership structure BLA continues to carry out its organisational activities in normal method. “BLA is full of members equipped with leadership skills that are capable of furthering organisation’s activities and cause. The credit to this goes to Aslam Baloch who in his life promoted organisational structures and opposed the concept of authoritative methods,” BLA said in its statement.

BLA added that Aslam Baloch was one of the founding members of the organisation and became part of BLA before 1995. He played a vital role in establishing organisation’s network in various parts of Balochistan. Aslam Baloch became a key commander of the organisation due to his leadership skills and turned Bolan into invincible front of Baloch resistance. He later became a member of BLA’s top most body, the senior command council, and played a leadership role.

“Aslam Baloch gave the Baloch resistance movement a new paradigm and inflicted huge losses on the enemy due to his successful warfare strategies. Establishing Majeed Birgade, training its members and choosing the targets was part of Aslam Baloch’s effective combat strategies. He was not only a successful military leader but also a political authority and an intellectual. He used his pen to raise awareness and educate the Baloch youth.

“Therefore, BLA’s senior command council and operational core committee has decided to posthumously award the highest title of the organisation, “General” to Aslam Baloch for his remarkable role in the Baloch movement.”

BLA further added that one of BLA’s commander Kareem Marria alias Raheem was also martyred in the same attack. Kareem Marri was member of BLA since 2003 and played a key role in strengthening the organisation. He led the organisation at Kohistan Marri front. Commander Kareem was arrested by the enemy forces in 2012 but due to strong confidentiality on his part, he was able to secure his release. After freedom from the Pakistani torture cells, he continued his struggle against the tyranny.

“In recognition of Kareem Marri’s contribution for the organisation and the Baloch movement, BLA awards him the title of “Sagaar Baloch”. This title was also awarded to Ameer Baksh Langove and Mama Mehndo Marri for their bravery and gallantry.

“Taj Mohammad Marri alias Sardaro was also an important member of BLA and was part of the organisation since 2003. He was active on Bolan and Nagaaho fronts and was recognised as an important member of the organisation due to his professional skills, intelligence and sincerity. He showed exemplary bravery at different points of his struggle. His national services will be written in the Baloch history with golden words.

“Sangat Akhtar Baloch alias Rustum was also member of BLA since 2003. He was part of organisations urban units in Mastung and Quetta until 2008. Later he served the war fronts of Kohlu, Nagaaho and Bolan and was part of organisation’s various important activities.

“Sangat Babar Majeed alias Fareed Baoch joined BLA in 2012 and served the war front of Kalat. He soon earned an important place in the organisation due to his enormous skills. Along with being part of BLA’s media wing, Babar Majeed was also a member of BLA’s Majeed Birgade. In his last days, he was preparing for his last ‘self-sacrificing’. Babar Majeed’s martyrdom was also a result of a similar act as he clung onto General Aslam Baloch to use his body as a shield to protect General Aslam Baloch and embraced martyrdom in doing so.

“Sangat Amaullah alias Sadiq Baloch joined BLA in 2012 and provided his services for the Baloch resistance movement at Kalat front. He was a member of BLA’s intelligence wing and due to his remarkable intelligence services, various big operations of BLA were successful. “

The statement further added that BLA’s operational chain continues to carry out its operations without any difficulties. BLA vowed that its armed activities will be further intensified and threatened that China should withdraw from its exploitative and expansionist designs in Balohcistan as it is a war zone. “No agreements are valid without the consent of Baloch nation and any investment attempt in Balochistan will be rejected and such countries will be on our target,” BLA said.

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