BLA claims IED attack on FC vehicle


Balochistan Liberation Army, an armed group based in Balochistan, has claimed the IED attack on Pakistani forces today in Sibi district.

According to the details received by The Balochistan Post, earlier today, an Improvised Explosive Device hit a Frontier Corp’s vehicle in Babbar Kach area of Sibbi, which according to official sources, killed a soldier namely, Mohammad Khan, and injured several others.

The responsibility for the attack has now been claimed by BLA.

“We attacked Pakistani forces with a remote-controlled bomb, which killed three soldiers and injured several others. Our attacks will continue in the future”, claimed Jeehand Baloch, a spokesperson for BLA.

In another news, Balochistan Liberation Front, another active armed group in Balochistan, has claimed that they had fought off Lashkar-i-Khurasan militants from their area in kech district of Balochistan.

Lashkar-i-Khurasan is a Sunni-militant group, which is also reportedly affiliated with the international terrorist organization ISIS.

Baloch insurgents in past had alleged Pakistani forces for providing safe-havens to religious militant groups in Balochistan to counter the insurgency, and use their control on Islamists as a leverage in International politics.

“We confronted Islamist militants of Lashkar-i-Khurasan in Pidrak area, our fighter fought them off and confiscated a motorcycle of the fleeing militants”, claimed Gohram Baloch, the spokesperson for BLF.