Who will wipe Seema’s tears?  –  Sacha Baloch 


Who will wipe Seema’s tears?  

 Sacha Baloch 

Seema’s eyes are searching for her brother Shabir Jaan, She knows where he is but can’t bring him back, She knocked each and every door where justice was promised. She never lost her hope but she couldn’t hide her pain any more. That was the reason that she burst into tears during a demonstration.She might feel Shabir’s voice, calling her (Seema) and Zarina to wipe their tears because He knows the bitter truth of the world that no one is going to wipe their tears. She might be suffering just like  Shabir, who is suffering from last two years but can’t express her feelings.


She has forgotten to smile since Shabir went missing by the Pakistani Intelligence Agencies, she can’t describe her sufferings and the unbearable pains which scream in her head. She might have no words to speak but her calm face tells each and every seconds of her pain.


Unfortunately, today our sisters and mothers are on the roads protesting for their loved ones, who have gone missing. Seema along with other missing persons’ families conducted a peaceful rally yesterday. Despite extreme cold weather of Quetta, her pace didn’t stop, her hopes were persistent and eyes were determined for her brother and other missing persons, She continued to march in the rally. A huge crowd joined the peaceful rally, slogans were chanted for Shabir Baloch and other Missing persons.


And I wonder why the World, Human Rights activist and organization are silent on this serious issue. There is a famous saying that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” but today our Baloch are facing this injustice and there is a deafening silence around the world, no one seems to notice the cries, not even the UN. It is also sad that honourable CM of Balochistan’s ” Mr jam kamal”  visited Quetta but he didn’t visit The  Voice for Baloch Missing Persons camp and didn’t show any solidarity. It seems like he has no time for the laments of  Baloch mothers and sisters because he might be busy in other issues which are more important for him than missing persons.


No matter how the world, state authorities, Human Rights organizations and CM of Balochistan ignores Seema Baloch and the issue of Enforced disappearances, she will continue her struggle until the recovery of her brother Shabir Baloch.