PTM leader visits VBMP’s camp, vows to struggle together


PTM leader Karam Shah visited the protest camp for the release of Shabir Baloch, a student leader

According to the details received by the Balochistan post, delegations continue to visit the camp for the safe release of Shabir Baloch, a student leader abducted 2 years ago from Turbat district.

The camp was initially set up by Voice for Baloch Missing Persons’, an organization of family members of the victims of enforced disappearances, ten years ago; Seema Baloch, sister of missing Shabir, and Zarina Baloch, Shabir’s wife, joined the camp 9th days ago and they plan to stay there until Shabir is not released.

Today, PTM leader Karam Shah and many others visited the camp to show solidarity with the affected family.

“I promise you on the behalf of PTM (Pashtun Tahafuz Movement) we will stay here until the last missing person is not released, and Pashtun will struggle together with you”, said Karam Shah

Beebarg Baloch, a former student leader who lost his ability of movement due to a bomb blast in Khuzdar University in 2010 on Baloch culture day, was also present at the camp

“We are here because we understand the pain of our sisters and mothers that what has forced them to live in this camp during harsh winters, but do they understand it who run this state? Are they going to ask why we are sitting here”, questioned Beebarg Baloch while talking to the media persons at the camp

“Chief Minister might know that why we are sitting here, but he finds himself powerless that is why he is not meeting us, he had promised to meet us two days ago but after four days, he still looks busy”, added Beebarg Baloch

Balochistan is plagued by the enforced disappearances of Baloch youth and activists. International campaign groups including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International accuse Pakistani security forces as the perpetrators of ‘illegal abductions in Balochistan.