Dead body discovered near Kharan


A decomposed dead body has been discovered near Kharan.

According to details received by The Balochistan Post, local authorities have found a decomposed dead body near Kharan.

The body was discovered by Levies force near Rathela, Kharan. The local authorities stated that the body was severally decomposed, therefore, it has been buried near the site in presence of local medical officers.

The authorities claimed that the body was beyond recognition.

Several decomposed dead bodies have been discovered in different areas of Balochistan in last decade.

Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, a campaign group by the families of Baloch missing persons, allege that Pakistani secret services dump the bodies of missing activists in remote areas, which makes it difficult to find the bodies in time. This results in decomposition of bodies beyond recognition.

The group has demanded DNA tests to be conducted on such bodies to ascertain the identity.

VBMP claims that tens of thousands of Baloch activists have been arrested, who are kept in incommunicado detention of Pakistani secret services. It also claims that more than five thousand of Baloch missing persons have been killed in last few years.