Chinese think tank warns of threats to CPEC by Baloch insurgents

A Chinese think tank has warned of rising threats to the Pakistan-China relations with regard to China Pakistan Economic Corridor.
The Knowfar Institute for Strategic and Defence Studies has issued a report on the security issues around Pakistan.
The report said that 300 Uighurs have joined Daesh who are active in Iraq, Syria, Thailand, Myanmar and Turkey.
Separately, the Chinese authorities have nabbed more than 300 Uighurs and are investigating them.
The report published this year has indicated that the Khost province of Afghanistan that is near Pakistan’s Wana and Miranshah areas is the centre of anti-Pakistan forces. It is the area where major attacks in Pakistan are planned.

The report said that the CPEC is facing threats from three different forces i.e. Balochistan Liberation Army. Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and anti-government elements in Balochistan.