Chakar Josh: A brave son of motherland – Sacha Baloch


Chakar Josh: A brave son of motherland

Author: Sacha Baloch

It was in August 2014, when I first talked to Chakar Josh. My acquaintance with the brave son of soil was through social media. In a very short time we became very close friends. He was a humble friend and a funny person and also a talented poet. He used to send me some of his revolutionary poetry, he also usually used to explain the circumstance of Balochistan and guided me to feel the slavery.

The love of Chakar jaan for his motherland cannot be explained in few words he was a brave son of soil.

When he was in UAE, I once asked him how he feels in UAE?

Chakar jaan replied: I feel as something is missing inside me as like I have forgotten myself in Balochistan, but I will not spend my entire life in a foreign country. I do not want to die on a bed. Chakar jaan’s each word inspired me deeply. After this conversation, we did not speak for a long time.

In November 2016 I received a message from Chakar Jaan. I asked him where he was for such a long time.

Chakar jaan replied: “what do you think where I should be”?

I said how would I know? I haven’t heard from you for a long time now.

Chakar Jan replied: Do you remember what our last conversation was about? I remembered his words “I will not die on the bed”. I asked if we can meet. He said I cannot see you now as we have a long distance between us but if I came to your area I will surely meet you.

He then said he is going out of the mobile coverage area. That was my last conversation with Chakar Jan.

On 27 May 2017, one of the worst days of life, I heard about Chakar Jan’s martyrdom in a face to face battle with the occupying forces. I also felt proud, Chakar did not die on the bed but embraced martyrdom while fighting the enemies of motherland. That day Baloch nation lost a precious son of soil, however, it was also the day that Chakar jan’s wish was fulfilled

We will not forget the blood of our martyrs who have dedicated their life for the National cause, the sacrifices of our beloved martyr will compel the occupier force to leave Balochistan.

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