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Release Shabir Baloch

Author: Tawarish Baloch

Shabir Baloch is a student and a Human Rights activist affiliated with a peaceful student organization BSO-A to disseminate awareness among students. But being a student in Balochistan is one of the biggest crime and you have to pay great price for it, Pakistani army and its sponsored organisations have been targeting BSO and its activists because they have been raising awareness about history, culture and tradition. They have always chanted slogans for Baloch rights.

Since its formation BSO has been never compromised with Baloch prosperity and development. Some Sardars (tribal heads) and parliamentarians tried their best to demolish the ideology of the organisation in order to turn it a pocket organization for their interests. But it was impossible because the vision was clear to the Baloch students and they were already fully aware of their history. They have cleared their minds that only freedom will bring a new dawn for them as it has been snatched by Pakistani army at the gun point.

When Pakistani state realised that such tactics will not stop the Baloch activists from their struggle then the army and security agencies started kill and dump policy in Balochistan. During the government of former president Zardari, the state targeted the highly cherished characters of Baloch society specially the teachers, professors, doctors etc. Baloch leaders including Ghulam Muhammad the ex-chairman of Baloch National Movement (BNM), Lala Munir a central committee member of BNM Waja Sher Mohammad a central leader of Baloch Republican Party. This policy continues this date and has been intensified with each day.

The activists of BSO also became one of the main targets of Pakistani forces because of its role to raise awareness amongst Baloch youth. BSO-A was educating the youth about slavery and regarding the state brutalities. They were also trying to unite the Baloch youth on a Single platform. For these crimes, the Vice Chairman of BSO-A Zakir Majeed Baloch was abducted by the Pakistani security agencies on gunpoint in 2009 and is missing till this date. After that hundreds of BSO activists were killed and abducted. The state’s brutal barbarism and atrocities on BSO still continues. Last year on 15 November the central secretary general of BSO Ezzat Baloch was abducted along with two central committee members Hassam Baloch and Naseer Baloch and a member of BNM Rafiq Baloch from Karachi. There is no clue about their whereabouts till date.

Similarly Shabir Baloch, who is one of BSO Azad’s top leader and the central Information Secretary, was illegally abducted by Pakistani security forces during a massive operation in Gurkop Balochistan along with nine other innocent people on 4th October 2016. After few days other abductees were released but Shabir is missing even after two years.

Shabir’s family has highlighted the issue through social media campaigns and registered FIRs but still no progress has been made. His sister Seema Baloch is struggling till today and has passed many of his days and night on roads protesting and demanding release of his brother. She has knocked very door and approach many human rights bodies in a bid to save the life of his innocent brother, who has been detained by Pakistani secret services without any crime. Seema has even been appealing the Supreme Court of Pakistan play their role against Shabir Baloch’s abduction but unfortunately Pakistani courts are helpless.

In Balochistan courts have no any role because all the authority is in the hands of Pakistani agencies. From parliaments to education system, the appointed jobs to criminal attacks all function under the supervision of Agencies. Since the occupation of Balochistan by Pakistani forces the agencies have been perpetually making policies to counter the movement in Balochistan. The parliament and other political parties are just dummies that dance at the orders of Pakistani secret services and military.

Today, Shabir will complete two years in Pakistani dungeons, where he is being brutally tortured. His organisation and family members have no clue regarding his wellbeing. From the detention of Pakistani forces, only few people have been able to make it out alive they have narrated conditions of medieval torture.

Abducting a students and detaining them without any crime is also a violation of international laws. However, international community has failed to take notice of crimes Pakistani agencies have been committing since decades in Balochistan. No steps have been taken to stop the war crimes and crimes against humanity in Balochistan.

International communities, student’s organization and their leadership, human rights activists, social and human rights campaigners should play their due role to save Shabir Baloch and other Baloch activists from Pakistani secret cells. As a human rights defenders, it is their duty to save the lives of innocent people from the state barbarism.

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