Chaghi: FC Harasses students in Dalbandeen


Students have protested against the behaviour of Front Corps in Dalbandeen, Chaghi.

According to The Balochistan Post news desk, students face continuous harassment by FC personnel stationed at Western By-Pass in Chaghi.

The students complained that they were abused by FC personnel on security outpost when they were on their way to the Examination hall.

Students told TBP that they often get late to the exams due to unnecessary questions by the personnel, even though they know that we are students and going for exams.

FC personnel came under strong criticism when they beat a health officer in Taftaan city of Chaghi district.

It is not the first time that students in Balochistan were left on the mercy of paramilitary forces.

Balochistan’s largest University, University of Balochistan, and its hostels were handed over to paramilitary forces which has gravely impacted the environment of University and students complain of being are treated as suspects.