Prominent Baloch leader applauds US Aid cuts, demands more action against Pakistan


Balochistan’s most famous pro-independence leader and head of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) has welcomed the US decision to cut aid to Pakistan but also demanded more stern action against Pakistan.

Dr. Allah Nazar said in a statement on Wednesday that Pakistan has been using US aid against Baloch nation instead of fighting against religious terrorism.

“The $300 Million cut in aid is a positive step, however, more should be done to stop Pakistan as it is the hub of religious terrorism in the world,” Dr Nazar said in his statement.

Dr Nazar said that the world has now realised that aid by western countries was never used to fight against religious extremism but instead the funds have been used to promote and nurture terrorism.

“Pakistan has also been vehemently using the US funds and sophisticated weapons to inflict brutalities upon Baloch nation, and we have been raising this issue time and again,” Dr Nazar said.

Addressing international community, Dr Nazar said that the world should ponder on the reasons why the 20 year old war in Afghanistan has failed to reach its end?

“I believe if the factors behind this war are not investigated, then the war against terror will never succeed. Pakistani state, its Army and terrorism have become inseparable. The alliance of the West with Pakistan, which is determined to destroy Afghanistan, has been a historical mistake. The world has witnessed the negative consequences of the trust on Pakistan and further dependence on it will be a complete disregard to region’s peace,” Dr. Nazar warned.

“After 9/11 the world hurriedly allied with Pakistan, without realising that Pakistan itself is one of biggest sources of religious terror. Its Army is world’s largest terror force that has continuously inflicted brutalities in Balochistan for decades.

“Baloch nation has been fighting a war of independence against world’s largest promoter of terrorism. Pakistani state and its Army are involved in crimes against humanity in Balochistan. Therefore, the world should take notice of Pakistani brutalities and support our liberation struggle as this region’s peace lays only in an independent Balochistan,” Dr. Allah Nazar further added.