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Freedom Is Our Faith; Martyr Jahangir Baloch

Author: Sadia Baloch

Whenever slavery and genocide speak to the streets of brave nations, with dark days it also brings misery, tears, and fear everywhere; deep in the hearts of such nations ripens a thirst for freedom. In order to quench this thirst, the sons and daughters of such nations revolt against the occupying forces. 

27 March 1948 was the day when Balochistan was tied up in the cage of slavery. Since then the dream of freedom has been rambling in the mountains of Balochistan. On the score of which countless Baloch have embraced. Their number has been so large that the Baloch call themselves a nation of martyrs.

One of the most shining martyrs of the Baloch nation is Martyr Jahangir Baloch, a young guerrilla fighter of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF).

In his childhood martyr was an innocent, simple and kindhearted boy. Unlike other boys of his age, martyr would spend most of his time in the world of books. After growing up among the brave mountains, he was chained up by the desire of becoming a part of the guerrilla struggle. When he joined the guerrillas, his love for Balochistan became apparent and it became clear beyond any doubt that he was here to fight till his last breath. It was due to his valour, determination, and intelligence that he became a commander of B.L.F. Martyr Jahangir’s struggle was not vague; it was a battle against slavery and a yearning for freedom.

Even during the cruellest of the situations, a martyr would still stand like a valiant and resilient mountain. From the burning of his house to blackmailing of his family, all these cowardice acts of the enemy could not obstruct the guerrilla struggle of the martyr. He was far braver than the fragile thoughts of the enemy. No less great has been the sayings of the martyr. Whenever one would show hopelessness in front of him then he would always say “Azadi Mai Emaan Int (Freedom is our faith). Now that this war has started we must step in and sacrifice everything that we have’’. And today martyr has practically proved this saying.

Martyr was not just a praiseworthy guerrilla fighter but also a great human being. To whoever he would talk to, he would shower his love upon them. He was not a lenient fighter but he believed in smiling all the time. His smile, as his friends say was a balm for tired hearts. The people with whom martyr would talk to, due to his extremely friendly nature, could hardly find that he was in fact a commander.

Besides a great guerrilla fighter and a human being martyr was also a remarkable son and brother. Despite being stressed up or busy martyr would still manage to take time for his family. Due to his obedience and affectionate nature he was the apple of everyone’s eye. Martyr Jahangir was also an avid lover of dogs. In his spare time, martyr would spend hours feeding and playing with them. 

Martyr Jahangir Baloch was an optimistic warrior and a courageous guerrilla fighter. He was a firm advocate of human rights and freedom of speech, expression etc. He always said that every person should consider his/her motherland superior to everything else; even over his/her own life. Martyr was of the view that the so-called Baloch politicians and puppets of Pakistan should not be called Balochs. As he once said, “We must not call these traitors and dotards Baloch as the blood that runs through their veins is indeed diluted and impure”. It is also worth mentioning that martyr never personally hated the so-called Baloch politicians.

Martyr Jahangir lived his life struggling in the mountains in order to end the miseries of his people and he embraced martyrdom in the struggle of bringing the pleasant winds for his nation. Still, the bravery and words of the martyr are shining like bright stars all over Balochistan, inspiring hundreds of Balochs and will keep on inspiring the generations to come.

The martyrdom of martyr Jahangir Baloch did leave the Baloch nation stunned and speechless but more than that it made the nation privileged for having such lionhearted sons. A guerrilla fighter of B.R.A and a dear friend of martyr says “today wherever I look, I see the word ‘Martyr’ following my brother Jahangir’s name like a shadow. More than pain and sorrow it gives me and all other guerrilla fighters proudness. This proudness will always be a guiding force” 

When hundreds and thousands of sons and daughters of a nation sacrifice their lives and embrace martyrdom, they actually take their nation closer to the freedom. The road of freedom, no doubt, is embellished with thorns and heartrending incidents and can only be treated with bravery, patience, and sacrifice. Like thousands of Baloch sons, Martyr Jahangir has also embraced martyrdom in order to heal the deepest wounds of his motherland. The Baloch nation must read the lives of martyrs in order to have a sustaining march on the road of freedom.

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