23 killed, 115 went missing during April in Balochistan

At least 115 people have been arrested at the hands of Pakistani security forces, whereas, 23 were killed in the month of April, a Baloch political party that documents human rights abuses in Balochistan has claimed.

Balochistan’s largest pro-independence political party, Baloch National Movement (BNM) released its monthly report of human rights abuses in Balochistan on Saturday in which the alarming statistics were published.

According to organisation’s central Information Secretary, Dil Murad Baloch, the brutalities in Balochistan continued to be at its peak. 66 military operations were conducted, 100 houses were looted, 50 were torched, whereas, many shops were destroyed.

‘During the month of April, Pakistani security forces and intelligence agencies arrested and disappeared at least 115 people from Balochistan’, Dil Murad Baloch stated. ‘The real number of abductions could be much higher as many families refrain from disclosing the disappearance of their loved ones due to threats from the authorities.’

He added that during April at least 23 people were killed, which include 13 Baloch, murdered by Pakistani forces, and 7 Hazaras who were target killed. The cause of death of other 3 hasn’t been ascertained yet.

As per the report two hospitals and two schools were converted into military camps. In Balochistan, Pakistani security forces routinely convert public offices into military camps.

‘Dozens of new military outposts were installed in the month of April’, the report stated.

The report put the number of previously ‘disappeared’ people who were released in April at 40.

According to details, the central information Secretary of Baloch National Movement said that the Baloch genocide remained at its peak in the month of April too. Pakistani forces have been indiscriminately targeting Baloch women, children and elders from different walks of society for many years now.

“32 women belonging to Mashkay are under custody of a death squad supported by Pakistani military”, he claimed.

‘Pakistani state and its agents have crossed all limits of brutalities in Balochistan. In order to maintain its occupation of Balochistan, Pakistani state is setting new precedents of barbarism in Balochistan. However, the history and the Baloch nation will hold accountable all culprits’, Dil Murad Baloch said.

He added that Pakistani forces are forcing Baloch civilians to abandon their homes and settle near the Pakistani military camps. ‘This is all a design to save the upcoming elections from the fate of 2013 general elections, which were completely boycotted by Baloch nation.’

‘Pakistani forces are subjecting the relatives of Baloch activists to mass punishment. However, the Pakistani state should realise that proud nations can not be subdued with such tactics. Baloch national struggle is strengthened due to strong institutions, therefore, targeting individual activists or their relatives will never weaken the movement’, he said.

Criticising international media and human rights organisation, Dil Murad Baloch said these organisations have completely turned a blind eye on Baloch genocide. The media representatives completely rely on Pakistani narrative. Similarly UN and other organisations have provided Pakistan full impunity by remaining silent on the situation in Balochistan.