The journey’s what brings us happiness, not the destination – Shaari Baloch

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The journey’s what brings us happiness, not the destination 

Shaari Baloch

Since childhood, we have been learning that a new day will come with a new strength and thought. But I wonder, sometimes at the concerns that is
that true all the time?. And this allows us to think and rethink over it. A day which cannot be forgotten always gets me into a state of medication.

As I was routinely in deep thoughts. In a day, it was exactly 7:00 am, the glamouring cloudy weather with its fabricated charm of birds was welcoming the breeze of a fresh morning, fluttering the leaves and letting the wind to dance with its own grim solitude. the same charming mountains with multiple shades, trees, and blossom were representing the fragility & beauty of a life, at the same moment of calm thinking someone was sitting under the falling shades, with lacrimose eyes and watching the blowing wind. however, nothing but the sound of wind through the green and dried leaves were the fabricated moments making the scene overwhelming.

While soliloquizing, she asked repeatedly,
Is there something which may coerce you to change the thoughts in such a dawn?
Does it bring more strengths and powers to us? She asked me the questions and replied, no there is no new change with this morning, the same cold weather which always reminds me, again and again, a person who is now physically not between us, how would tolerate this cold in inhuman torture cells and dungeons, she continued as like.

Look at these hidden rays of sun behind the clouds, which are trying to tore the cloud and people like us, who wait for these rays to think how much time it may take to reach us and spread on this land, where no one could reach to bring some light, you are still waiting for your missing colleagues, look at the disheartening reality, Mahrang is still looking and in search for missing father Nasir Baloch, Mehlab Baloch is still a part of every demonstration to record his father enforced disappearance,would they return to a normal state after a period of hardships?

what you expect from our enemy, is there any hope that actually exists in Balochistan? Would we get back our missing leader Izzat safely? He prepared and trained himself for every worst condition for his nation but where he is now? Do you know Izzat is in torture cells, she yelled and said our leader is in torture cells, what could be a bird without a tree to nest in? she stopped.
it looked like that the wind stucks for few seconds.

She shocked me for a moment, I found myself in an uninviting solitude and in a silence that arounded me.
Did you hear that, I replied, now she was looking me, eyes full of wonder but kept her silence. Is this the end for us, is it our destination now? Observe this silence, it spoke thousands of word but you never heard .do you really think that our enemy is so much strong to destroy and diminish our vision. if our enemy cannot finish a belief, a wisdom, an idea and a vision then how could it finish the voice and spiritual humor of Sang at Izzat Baloch. He is the golden tree of a life that springs always evergreen, observe the mountains merely, which are the composition of greenery of tiny grains of the earth, are delivering you the messages of our missing leaders.
the hidden rays Which will tore these clouds one day, disseminate here and enlighten the lives of a generation and then the nation will hopefully find izzat in these disseminated rays too.

Absolutely, you were true, he is not with us, unheard, unseen we couldn’t reach him but the lesson he taught us, his glorifying aim and vision still exist with us, hopefully, it is accompanying us.
Izzat Baloch just not only trained himself but empowered all of us because he is the leader of students for the entire depressed nation, whose beloved sons have been always treated is for sure difficult to reach the highest point, to spend whole of your life without concern of yourself.

However, not all the students have the abilities to become Izzat but it is a great saying by “Ralph Waldo” that “the vegetable life doesn’t content itself with casting from the flowers or the tree a single seed, but it fills the air and earth with a prodigality of seeds,that it thousands perish,thousands may plant themselves, that hundreds may come up, that tens may live to maturity, that at least, one may replace the parent”.
he is not physically present with us in this beautiful long journey but there might be thousands of other companions who will be following his footsteps toward the destination ,the shoots will cut off but how they will reach the roots, which are many and deep , will shoot up again and at the end of this journey a generation must reach that point where the nation will live without any fear to lose any Izzat, Lakmir or Baloch khan.where every morning will bring more strengths and new thoughts and the charm of the new morning will show up the bravery of their missing leader ” Izzat Baloch”.

She closed her eyes for a while and said with a sweet smile to say let’s go and continue the journey, that it might be the luckiest chance to me to reach the long destination of equalization for the entire nation of Baloch.
Izzat once said, “He was just a common activist, his sentiments are same as other Baloch who has determined to see a great and independent future of an upcoming generation. The part of optimism is all that which runs with the blood that heart pumps and he will never come on to the point of compromise in any condition expect a guarantee of a better result”.
This is what today we have the courage with us in the form of Izzat, which always encourages us with a sentiment of a change for a better future.



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