Genocide is the only option in Balochistan – Pakistani Minister declares


A Pakistani minister in Balochistan, who is de-jure head of security apparatus in the region, has declared that genocide is the only option to resolve security crisis in Balochistan.

Home Office Minister, Sarfaraz Bugti, made the shocking comments on Sunday while talking to tribal elders in Pakistan House in Dera Bugti.

Mr. Bugti’s statement, released through news agency INP, was published late on Sunday in many mainstream Pakistani daily newspapers including Nawa-i-waqt Lahore, Daily Azadi, and Daily Jasarat.

Mostly such statements are released by the press teams of the ministers and politicians to news agencies themselves.

According to details, The Pakistani minister told tribal elders and other delegations that Baloch armed groups have challenged the writ of state and have compromised the security conditions. To establish long-lasting peace in the region for a prosperous Pakistan, the only option is to commit a full-scale genocide against the dissidents.

He claimed that the government has already succeeded in clearing many areas in Balochistan, however, a long-lasting solution has to be sought.



  1. India is using you, remember they used Thamil also in Sri lanka,,but now wher is thamil,,,so stop propaganda against Pakistan, you Indian paid agent ,help your poor people by making schools and industries dont drop them into Waste WAR

    • Mr.Shah, India helped srilanka to get rid of tamils, and India also supported Bangladesh 🇧🇩 to get rid of Pakistan even there religion differ from each other and where Balochi’s and Pakistan’s have same believe but still they are genocideing the Baloch people’s.

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