40 school children abducted from Jhao in Balochistan


A senior Baloch student leader has alleged that Pakistani forces have “abducted” at least 40 children from a school in Jhao, Awaran.

In a tweet, Chairperson of Baloch Student Organisation – Azad (BSO-Azad), Karima Baloch, stated that even schools are no more safe for Baloch children. She claimed that at least 40 school children were “abducted” over a span of three days by military forces in Jhao, district Awaran.

Locals from the area believe these children will be forced to participate in events held by Pakistani forces on the occasion of 14 August. It must be remembered that Pakistani nation celebrates 14 August as independence day in the whole country. However, since last one decade Baloch have avoided taking any part in such events, which they allege as imposed upon them.


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