Pakistani forces arrest two in Awaran, Balochistan


Pakistani security forces have arrested two elderly persons from Awaran in Balochistan.

Kareem s/o Bahadur and Abdul Qadir s/o Gul Dad, who both are older than 60 years of age, were arrested today by Pakistani forces in Jhau, Awaran. Both were later taken to undisclosed locations.

Reports filed by TBP correspondents cited that Kareem s/o Bahadur was later released after interrogations. However, Abdul Qadir still remains under custody of Pakistani forces.

Awaran is considered one of the most volatile regions of Balochistan, where insurgency has escalated continously over last few years. Baloch fighters attack Pakistani forces on regular basis in the region, which are followed by military operations by the later.

Amnesty and Human Rights Watch have continously highlighted violation of human rights in Balochistan.


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